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Modern Clothes Valets

Free-Standing Copper Blanket Stand / Towel Rack


concealed wardrobe with rich brown interior against the clean contemporary white . Designed by Belgian office Minus.


Free #standing chrome #modern suit dress clothes #valet #stand rail organiser hold, View more on the LINK:

TB.5 - Modern day Valet Stand/ Clothes Organiser

The TB.5 is our super minimal yet secretly functional Valet Stand. Here we offer this piece in Oak with a golden oil finish or with a white or


TB.3 Modern day Valet Stand/ Clothes Organiser in Oak

TB.3 Modern day Valet Stand/ Clothes Organiser in Oak. by TidyboyBerlin on Etsy


TB.2 Modern day Valet Stand/ Ladder Chair in Oak

September Sale!! Normal Price €279 - Now €249. Is the original Tidyboy but now far from its original origins and design. Based on the fact that most people have a chair which they throw clothes over, it was my original mission to design a new type of chair. I finally decided on this combination of a ladder chair. It can be used as a chair, its totally stable and free-standing. Great for doing those shoes up on. Can stand freely or against the wall. Triangle bars in the middle. 3 bars to act…