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El MODELO FC y metodologías inductivas ¿sabrías relacionarlos? (1/2)

((FC: Elaine Carlin/ Odeya Rush/ Random)) Hello. I'm Valan, but most call me Val. I'm 15 and single. I'm a transfer student from Greece. I tend to make friends with older people because I'm more mature for my age. I like sketching people and places, also water color painting. I enjoy history and music theory. Nothing else to say really so come introduce yourself

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{FC: Cara Delevingne} Hey, I'm Mackenzie, but people call me Mack or Kenzie. I'm 17, and single. I like to play the cello, write and read books. I am working on my modelling career and I've been granted a vacation in Hawaii. Intro?

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James Szoka maestro y administrador nos muestra la evidencia empírica que demuestra la mejora de los resultados de aprendizaje en grupos de alumnos que siguen el modelo FC. Mientras fuí administrador en un distrito rural de la escuela secundaria en los Estados Unidos, con el nivel de pobreza bastante acusado (contaba con un sistema

TAG Heuer "aquaracracer Swiss automático acero inoxidable y del hombres lienzo reloj de vestido, color: negro (modelo: cay218 a. FC636 de ✿ Relojes para hombre - (Lujo) ✿

(( Fc: Amanda Seyfried )) "Hi there!" I wave with a smile. "I'm Sophie, the 18 year old daughter of Alice. You know, the one from wonderland. My father left me, so my godfather, the mad hatter, was my guardian when my mom was away (which was a often). I like to believe I'm just as goofy and out of my mind as he is. I love cats, chocolate, and tea parties. Oh! And I'm single. Introduce?"

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Blended Learning vs. Flipping the Classroom #Infographic (Make sure to check out the resources listed on how to implement these different approaches to education.)

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