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Viking Ship Paper Model - by Forbicolla - Barco Viking By Italian designer Cesare Bianchi, from Forbicolla website, here is a nice and easy-to-build Viking Ship paper model.

Pop-up Galleon/pirate ship. You can download the model for free, to print and build yourself. The design is loosely based on drawings of 16th century carracks, trading ships with high fore and aft decks. They were the forerunners of the later galleons, which were highly armed warships.

Earthship global model greenhouse. Ever since watching Garbage Warrior several years ago I have been deeply interested in Earthship eco-living. So cool!

from eBay

How to Make a Model of a Viking Ship

From the to the century, Vikings ruled the Baltic, North, and Black Seas, using three types of ships. Viking used and karve ships, but the most famous Viking ship was the longship used for exploration...