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'You're not welcome': teachers vote to ban Ofsted

You're not welcome:teachers vote to ban OFSTED The Independent 9 April 2012


No link between MMR and autism, major study concludes

Wakefield’s article linking MMR vaccine and autism was fraudulent | The BMJ

No link between MMR and autism, major study concludes

Meta-analysis of studies covering 1m kids finds - surprise - no link between vaccines and autism.


The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can “Sleep At Night”: Gardasil and Cervarix Don’t Work, Are Dangerous, and Weren’t Tested

Great summary by Dan Olmsted of Age of Autism about what we know so far - some new info on science supporting the mercury-tic link as well.

16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker.

It Took Studying 25,782,500 Kids To Begin To Undo The Damage Caused By 1 Doctor. And it makes me furious even though I don't have a child. I have lovely stepgrandchildren who might have died from one of these diseases. Happily they were born after his findings were rubbished. But even so..