Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas "hey guys just wanted to remind you of a few things about MLK today! he wasn't all sunshine and glitter like this quote he was actually quite a bit more radical (especially as he got older in times closer to his death) than most media likes to paint him. he spoke out against white privilege and I believe there's a quote from him that's something along the lines of "one has the moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws" also! in 1999 it was ruled in a civil suit that…


A promo poster for Dr. Martin Luther King to give a speech on the day of his death. A great man taken from us but his legacy lives on.


Indianapolis park was a witness to history after MLK's death

Indianapolis park was a witness to history after MLK's death -

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Harry Belafonte Coretta King photo vintage civil riight

Harry Belafonte sobbing at MLK Jr.'s funeral. When we think about MLK's death, we think of the legendary Civil Rights activist. I think most of us fail to consider that MLK was a son, a husband, a father; and as this picture reveal, a friend.

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'Mad Men' and the other 1960s -

April 12, 1968, issue of Life magazine "Week of shock," blared the cover line over a photograph of MLK who had just been killed. Inside: Articles on MLK's death, LBJ's March 31 speech announcing he was not running for president, Democratic challengers Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy and a piece on the Doors, "the kings of acid rock." ads for Zenith televisions, Firestone tires, Ritz crackers, Hunt's ketchup, the Big Three automakers and "the friendly world of Hilton,"


The Ohio Alumnus, June-July 1968. ""Society seems to strike down everyone who articulates justice and tolerance and truth." Jim Steele uttered those words three days before the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. Now Steele is even more convinced of their truth." Jim Steele was a member of the Black Student Action Coordinating Coommittee and an advocate for the Black Power movement. :: Ohio University Archives


Alberta Williams King, MLK’s Mother also shot and killed

Alberta Williams King, mother of Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated June 30, 1974 at the hands of Marcus Wayne Chenault, 23 years old. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr., struck by the violent deaths of his two sons and by the tragic death of his wife Alberta, said at her funeral service on July 3, “I cannot hate any man.”