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Mizrahi Jews

Kurdish Jews in Rawanduz, northern Iraq, 1905. Mizrahi Jews or Mizrahim (Hebrew: מזרחים‎), also referred to as Adot HaMizrach (עֲדוֹת-הַמִּזְרָח) (Communities of the East; Mizrahi Hebrew: ʿAdot(h) Ha(m)Mizraḥ), are Jews descended from local Jewish communities of the Middle East (as opposed to those from Europe). The term Mizrahi is most commonly used in Israel to refer to Jews who trace their roots back to Muslim-majority countries.

In 1945 about 1 million Jews lived in Jewish communities in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria & Yemen. Many of these communities predated Islam.From 1947-1948 Jews were persecuted in the Arab Middle East. Between 1948-1972, 820,000 became refugees. 200,000 settled in Europe & U.S., while 586,000 moved to Israel.


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