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I know she won't be able to see but if any of you were following the amazing Taylor Madison then you'll know that she deleted her account she was an amazing singer and song writer and she used to be a huge directioner I miss her so much if you know her then comment below please x ♥x ♥x ♥x ♥x ♥x ♥

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This is so true. When all you want is to fall asleep with that unexplainable comfort knowing the person you need so badly will be there when you awake... My heart hurts missing you. Soon, but as you say, "with you, it's never soon enough." You've turned my world upside down A.

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I Miss You Quote

I never understood why my friends would ever say she's the one or I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but now, being with you, I've finally realized why.

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There is NO WAY anyone will ever convince me otherwise. NEVER.***

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I hope whatever your doing with whomever youre doing it with tonight is making you happy! Sorry I wasnt enough for you.

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Those days are few and far between now, it's a little strange that things still remind me of them to the point I miss them but eventually that will stop.

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And I always miss seeing that beautiful face of yours....but life goes on, and you've got a lot of life ahead of you....but as I've said before...I'll always try to be there to cheer you on when I can....I think of you often.....take care,..and always be safe...

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as time goes on, with every tick of clock and with the turn of each day..I will miss you and I will always keep missing you for the rest of days...until I'm with you again.

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