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120 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas to make him say "WOW"


Suicide shouldn't have to be something to consider. Your life is supposed to be happy, but in reality, that isn't the case. There is always someone who can bring you back from the darkness, you just need to find them. In my opinion, I think that suicide isn't a good option, because there is always a reason to live. If you do think about suicide, just think about the fantastic future that you will have when you no longer suffer from depression, the pain will end one day.


When things just come into my head and I see you every where I go because you are and always will be in my heart!! I miss you more then you will ever know because you moved on to fast.. Thank you for a great 2 years!! <<< this was clearly written about someone dying, not a relationship. Think it's hard to break up? How about losing someone for real?


I guess I can find some comfort knowing you died in my arms. I just hope you weren't scared or in pain. I love you so much


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