When something good happened, you were the first person I wanted to tell. When something bad happened, you were the first one I wanted hug. I still tell you all my good news! But I can't hug you anymore. I can't hear your sweet voice telling me everything will be ok. I cry as I lay awake at night thinking of all the time we spent together and all the wonderful memories we made. I miss you more than anyone knows, and it's killing me that we can't talk anymore.

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Elizabeth SiFuentez It has been way to long. I know with your busy schedule it hard. But just letting you know I miss the times we shared.

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When anything happens, good or bad, you are still the first person I think of with whom I want to share it with. Best friends forever got cut down by choosing a new best friend only 4 days after meeting. I will never have anyone else like you in my life, just me and my new found loneliness... a wonderful parting gift I must say.

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My best friend in everything I do. I missed you from the day angels decided to take you home. I know you are safe and protected, but I miss you every day in every way. When that conversation comes up that I want to share with you and I have to face the fact that you're in Heaven and not here....I grieve all over again. Please know that your family and I love you very much as we did in physical life and one day we will be together again, never ever to be separated, ever.

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AYY any short beautiful white girl with a short dead sexy white/Mexican dude best friend read this: I miss my best friend nothing more to it I know

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I had decided I was better off being by myself for awhile when I met her, then I realised that I needed her in my life, and now, I can't imagine a day without her. The missing piece I never knew I had, my future, my best friend, my soul mate <3

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