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Mise en Place: The Secret to Cooking Like a Professional - Professional chefs call this mise en place, which literally means "put in place." Start by reading the recipe TWICE. After you've washed, chopped and measured out all of the ingredients, line them up next to the stove in the order they'll be used.

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What Is Mise en Place? (And Why Should You Care?)

Mise en place is a chef's secret to efficiency. Set yourself up for success in the kitchen with these helpful tips for getting your mise en place set up.

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Basic Technique: Mise en Place

It can seem fussy and a tad neurotic, but without a doubt, a good mise en place will make you a better and more efficient cook! It's one of the first lessons taught to new chefs in culinary school, and there's a reason for it...

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Our Top 40 Good Things

Our favorite approach to cooking comes from the kitchens of France and can be adapted to any recipe. The term "mise en place" refers to the advance preparation of a dish's ingredients; all should be measured, chopped, diced, or sliced according to recipe instructions before you begin.