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Yes! (It's weird that when I click on this pin to see similar pins, most of them are from sexism-deniers & racism-deniers. My feminism is based on the tenant that women are people. Not saints. Not superheroes. People. Some women are saints. And some women are abusers or assholes.) <--- Bless this person, perfectly put

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Gender equality means giving both sexes equal rights, compensation and opportunity, and holding BOTH sexes to higher moral standards.

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In reality, we want this expectation of women as sex objects to stop. But this (not so) dramatic display of misandry is the only way to get it through America's sexist skull.

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#Yes all women! Placing the shootings at Isla Vista in a larger context. The Power of a hashtag!

Irrational fears are less "scary" than the real ones. John Williams never wrote a frightening theme music for impending sexual assault like he did for "Jaws". Perhaps we should ask him to do so. #YesAllWomen

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a response to men who say "Why can't you just say no if you don't want to?" because we're terrified to say no and yes.

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