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Miracle Whip from Mayonnaise

I usually use mayonnaise but I have a few recipes that require the extra kick of Miracle Whip. Since I always have mayonnaise on hand, this recipe allows me to make only the required amount of Miracle Whip. I started with the Miracle Whip recipe from Top Secret Recipes. Miracle Whip is more tart than Mayonnaise but adding a vinegar mixture makes the resulting dressing too thin. This recipe solves that problem. I used Hellmans Mayonnaise and I have also made the diet version with…


Homemade Miracle Whip

homemade miracle whip so we can avoid GMOs and high fructose corn reviews for slight modifications


Top Secret Recipes | Kraft Miracle Whip Copycat Recipe

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Miracle Whip Cake

Miracle Whip Cake. It sounds gross and I wouldn't eat the batter, but it's good and my husband's favorite.


Miracle Whip was invented as sweeter alternative to mayo, in the early 1930's.  They originally planned to call it mayonnaise, but the FDA would not let them because it contained ingredients that t...

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42 Home Recipes Of Famous Foods

'Miracle Whip' | 42 Home Recipes Of Famous Foods - incl. York Peppermint Pattie, Snickers, Reese's, 'Nutrigrain' cereal bar & A1 sauce.


Miracle Whip Parmesan Chicken

Miracle Whip Parmesan Chicken from This came from a miracle whip label. I have not made it in a long time, but I remember that it was easy and yummy. I use the thigh/leg portions when I make this.

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20 Moments That Blew Your Mind

Copycat Big Mac Sauce .. I use Kraft Miracle Whip, Hellman's mayonnaise, Wishbone Deluxe French salad dressing, Heinz sweet pickle relish and Vlasic dill pick relish. The recipe makes approximately 1 cup of sauce which is enough for about 8 homemade Big Macs.


miracle vegan mint chocolate mousse tarts that whip up in 20 minutes! recipe + video tutorial via


This Homemade Miracle Whip recipe comes from The Feingold Association because reformulated Miracle-Whip includes unspecified "spices" and "natural flavor."