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Mini Funnel Cakes

Mini Funnel Cakes Recipe | The Southern Tailgating Cookbook (Remember when you were a kid and would beg your parents for a funnel cake at the state fair? Now you can have as many as you want.)


DIY State Fair Funnel Cake

Perfect for a CARNIVAL, CIRCUS, or BLOCK PARTY! ~ #DIY Mini Funnel Cakes


First start by mixing your milk, egg,vanilla, and butter together. add in your salt, baking soda, and sugar. slowly include you...


Mini Funnel Cakes... You make them using canning rings. Easy recipe and such a fun idea!


Homemade Funnel Cakes taste even better than the amusement park variety, and they're easy to make!

DIY Mini Funnel Cakes

DIY Mini Funnel Cakes, Prep Time: 10 mins, Cooking Time: 25 mins, Directions: 1. Pour oil about one inch deep into a large saucepan or stockpot. Heat over medium heat until a candy thermometer reads 350 to 360 degrees F. 2. Meanwhile, combine Bisquick, milk and eggs in a large bowl; stir until well mixed. Pour batter into squeeze dispenser bottles. 3. When oil is fully heated, carefully squeeze batter in a circular motion, close to the oil, until a mini funnel cake forms (don't make more…