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Choose to Host an Epic Minecraft Party

Love this Minecraft party blog post - includes a cool invitation, free printable food signs, printable minecraft elements, etc!


Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas - links to FREE Minecraft printables, Minecraft food ideas, Minecraft party supplies and more!


I see creeper eggs... I wonder; are creepers the square versions of The Queens aliens? Y'know the aliens from AVP (Aliens vs Predators)?


Minecraft has been a super popular theme for parties during the past few years. Hundreds of decorations have been crafted by moms and party stylists alike, to match the Minecraft party theme perfectly. But of course, the party would not be complete without Minecraft Party Food. From to you can create an entire menu of Minecraft themed food for your party! The great thing about Minecraft is that the game has so many elements that can be transformed into themed food for your party…