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Microwave Mug Recipes

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"FREEDOM!" in my best William Wallace.

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Wisdom Quote ~ "Do not learn how to react. Learn how to respond." Buddha... #Peace and #Love #SWaGKing

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No fucking way.... ALL IN OR GO HOME.... Im worth every effort to be your only choice... I know my worth, value, beauty, strength... I don't need a man to make me happy and make me complete... I would like a man to share my happiness and all that I am...

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It's fun to play with this; to visualise a random/odd object for a few minutes and then wait until it shows up into your reality. Works. Every. Time.

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Metanoia : El arte de cambiarse en cuanto a la mente, el corazón, la forma de vivir, y a sí mismo. <3

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"Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child."--Tim Burton

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Photographer Richard Burbridge, Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri and stylist Robbie Spencer created these string art portraits that combine black and white photography and intricate string work to make the images vibrant, 3D pieces. I am really digging this photo embroidery trend.

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