This will change the view of the world

My guess is that they'd probably think in pictures. I don't think it's all that uncommon for people to think in pictures anyway. Maybe once they learn sign they'll think in sign language...

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Mind... Blown!Omg I Wonder If This Is Why They Named It Pie!! Lol

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Ya, if whoever made that story didn't know that SOMEONE OBVIOUSLY NEEDS TO TELL THEM!!!

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Of all the things in the English language that could have made sense instead...this is what we got.

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I like the idea but what is the mom's name in Inside Out...? (went to look it up) The mother's name is Jill. So much for that idea.

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Not only is the flame partially transparent, it's emitting its own light with which to wash away a shadow..

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Mind Blown. In fact, he may have been a reference to everything from a medieval siege engine to Richard III losing his chops at Bosworth field or a cannon from a siege the English Civil War. The more you know, eh?

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