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Dandelion & Lemon Biscuits

Dandelion & Lemon Biscuits | Craft Invaders. Wonderful recipe using Dandelion Flower petals - great fun for kids to make teaches them about the idea of edible weeds starting with a plant that we can all identify


Can Millet Take On Quinoa? First, It'll Need A Makeover

The #millet plant is drought-tolerant, and nutritionally it competes with #quinoa, the protein-rich South American grain that American farmers to grow.

Italian Lentil Quinoa Balls

Italian lentil quinoa balls are really easy to assemble, they’re packed with protein, and they bear a striking resemblance to real meatballs. They’re delicate, with big Italian flavor and sautéed to toasty perfection.


Turmeric Lemon Rice

Turmeric Lemon Rice Recipe. Indian Golden Rice with turmeric, lemon and mustard seeds


February's Punjabi Indian Spice Box

One Pot Tandoori Quinoa | Hearty quinoa with sweet potato and chickpeas, spiced with garam masala and ginger. Everything cooks in one pan! #RawSpiceBar #international

vegan BBQ lentils with millet polenta