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8 FREE Retreats for Military Families and Veterans

Military Families and Veterans: Learn to reconnect and build better relationships with these free retreats and vacations for the whole family!

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What to Expect When You Are A Military Spouse

The Cycle Of Military Life

from Veterans United Network

New Military Spouses Learn a Whole New Vocabulary

Military abbreviations and terminology can be intimidating--especially if you're new to the military community. Check out this list of common military vocab!

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Commissary 101: The Basics

If you're a little nervous because you're new to #military life, here's what you need to know about the #Commissary!

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How to Deal with Change as a Military Spouse

I have such a hard time when change happens, and it happens all the time in military life. I love these strategies for making transitions easier.

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12 Free Products and Services Every Military Family Should Know About

Discounts are great, but who doesn’t love getting a product or service for free? Many businesses pride themselves on their military discounts, but some offer products or services that are 100% free for active military personnel and their families.

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24 Tips for a Strong Military Marriage from Amazing Military Spouses

Strong military marriages are important! Love this advice from military spouses…

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7 Things Pregnant Military Spouses Need to Know

7 Things Pregnant Military Spouses Need to Know, great tips!