A girl with mild autism uses Minecraft to cope when she's overwhelmed. Here's the kingdom she built.
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high functioning autism/aspergers syndrome Click on link below for excellent information about educational supports. http://teacch.com/educational-approaches/recommendations-for-students-with-high-functioning-autism-kerry-hogan

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Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism Do you think your child may have Autism or think you know someone that may have it? This list may help! #autism #signsofautism #mildautism

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"Whatever you do in life, find a place where you can play to your strengths. - People with autism (or ADHD) have more in common with others than we think. One major thing is this: if we get the chance to play to our strengths, boy can we play to our strengths."

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Get more information and signs on High Functioning Autism. You would be surprised of how many kids have this but are often misdiagnosed or judge for just being a "bad kid". autism, high functioning, high functioning autism #autism #highfunctioning

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Most kids, teens, and adults with Aspergers (high functioning autism) have a bunch of positive traits that more than make-up for any negative ones. One Aspie asserted, “Thank God I have Aspergers!”…

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Symptoms of Mild Autism - If you've been searching for the symptoms of autism and haven't felt that they match the characteristics your child has been exhibiting, that may mean that he has a mild form of the disorder. This mild form of autism is also referred to as high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome. In this type of autism, children have a lower degree of the classic symptoms, and sometimes people may not even notice them until they read each of the symptoms.

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