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"hi, i'm michael. i'm nineteen. i'm very outgoing and friendly. my favorite thing in the world is touring because i love seeing all the different people and cultures. introduce?"

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@micheal5sos can you please do this for me i love you so much and i need you right now ~kelsea settles @kelsea5sos

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He is such a Angel And i love him yeah i know probably alot of other girls do too but i mean hes kind caring and sweet and thats what i love about him and i know he will probably never see this but if he does all i wanna say is thank you for being you Michael and ily <3<< True I absolutely love Michael. Well, I love the whole band, but you get the point.

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We are literally the same I get told all the time to be quieter and that I should go outside instead of playing video games

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And this is why he one of the most amazing human beings in the world ♥♥

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Mikey in rehearsal // I literally want to marry him. Ugh he's so friggen cute like what <<< same here

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5 Seconds Of Summer on

Michael in the outfit from the try hard video. I'm guessing this from the amusement park they shot it in.

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He looks so perfect standing there with his eyebrow piercing and colored hair...---oh god what have I done

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