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Assessing the station (descent) of the fetal head by vaginal examination, relative to the ischial spines in the mother’s pelvic brim.

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Cardinal Movements - Baby makes 7 distinct moves while coming down the birth canal. This is why it's important to stay upright and moving during labor.

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Illustrated APGAR (appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respiration) Test Scoring chart. The chart visually demonstrates how well a baby tolerated the birthing process by providing five categories (the rows in the chart) by which one must rate the newborn on a scale of 0 to 2 (the columns of the chart), where 0 is the lowest (undesirable) and 2 is the highest (desirable). Row 1: Appearance: Score 0 is 'Blue all over,' showing a simple illustration of the figure of a baby, all blue; Score 1…

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Labour Midwifery Skills Nursing and Health Survival Guides: Alison Edwards: Books

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