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A grammar game that helps principles stick. Use for Active/Passive voice, parts of speech, and many other grammar or punctuation rules.

from Language Arts Classroom

A Practical Approach to Grammar

A practical approach to grammar - how can ELA teachers implement grammar in middle and high school? Some ideas.


4 Games to Help Kids Think Critically about Vocabulary - FREEBIES Included with some awesome tips for expanding your students' knowledge of the words around them!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Ultimate Middle School Grammar Bundle

OVER 40 task cards, with activities, worksheets, tests, power point, and packet. The ultimate middle school grammar bundle covers active/ passive voice, moods in verbs, pronouns, subject verb agreement, and MORE.

from The Literary Maven

2ndaryELA Chat Summary: Grammar

Middle and High School English Language Arts teachers discussed approaches to teaching grammar, topics covered, avoiding boring lessons, and incorporating grammar into other aspects of ELA curriculum. Join secondary English Language Arts teachers Tuesday evenings at 8 pm EST on Twitter.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Tools for Improving Writing BUNDLE

7 Engaging products to help improve students' writing skills.


This would be a great poster to hang in a classroom as part of walls that teach! Prepositions are something that may be a little abstract for students to understand, but this is a great visual representation of what they are. This could work both on visual representation and skill within language arts. Students could then make up their own poster for another type of word, such as a verb.