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Social media sheets as exit tickets are perfect for the classroom! Students love displaying their learning this way


So, you have to teach writing, huh? Or maybe you already teach writing and you're looking for some fresh insight? Well, ladies and gentleme...


Space Lander Mission

Last year, I started a new Space Club program at four middle schools. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I searched the web for ideas and curriculum to implement. I soon became excited to find great resources like NASA and TeachEngineering, but I was also overwhelmed as a simple Google search for "Space STEM activities" gives you a mere 89 million hits. Wading through a lot of junk eventually brought some gems that I could implement, and I leave it to another post to rant about the…


The Marshmallow Challenge, a Great Team Building Exercise (Middle School Math Rules!)

I am on Spring Break this week and have been going through my Blog Post Drafts. I came across this empty post that was titled Day4- The Marshmallow Challenge. On the fourth day with my students this


Back to School Activity for middle school

What do your students wish you knew about them? Give them an easy way to tell you with this back to school student-generated "cheat sheet" for 7th graders.


Easy writing center or writer's workshop activity...EMOJI DICE to get students creative juices flowing! Activity that you will come back to over and over. Perfect for third grade fourth grade fifth grade sixth grade