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How your ear works - Inside the Human Body: Building Your Brain - BBC One | Cycle 2 Sound Waves Science Exp Week 13 and Cycle 3 Human Body


drawMD ENT ($0.00) Designed by two surgeons seeking to improve patient understanding of medical problems, drawMD utilizes the iPad’s unique interface to allow anyone to sketch, stamp, or type directly on the detailed anatomic images. Importing your own image is simple. The stamp library, which continues to grow, includes images of head and neck anatomy and vivid illustrations of tympanic membrane, middle ear, larynx, mastoid, sinus, thyroid, and airway pathology.

The auditory system is housed in the ear and detects sound. The outer ear is shaped like a cup to direct sounds inward. The sounds of vibrations get transmitted through the middle ear to the inner ear by way of 3 small bones called the malleus, incus and stapes.

The tiniest muscle in your body is the stapedius, in your middle ear. It contracts to help protect your inner ear from loud noises, and it also keeps your own voice from sounding too loud in your head.