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Obviously not a tree, but a good example of clean lines, realistic and balanced while being natural. Also a small geometric touch. // Would love this in the top centre of my back!!

from Stylist Magazine

50 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns

This is the spot where I want my first tattoo! I think. Now, I need to figure out what to get. Ugh, my tattoo may never happen.

from Cosmopolitan

Sofia Richie's newest tattoo is SO TINY

Lion finger tattoo - ugh, i've been wanting to get this for a while now.. Dont want to get the Same thing though

from Tatuajes para Mujeres

Flor de Lotus

Lilly's symbolize rising above circumstances for me..... They grow and bloom from mucky mud and become something so beautiful.....hmmm might reconsider Phoenix Tattoo..... although the thoughts for the most part are similiar to what I feel my life is now.


Pearly Lace tattoos. I like the lace, maybe not the pearl borders. This would be cute with a black nylon seam up my legs and a bow high on the back of my thighs


Alchemical symbols on The Hand of Philosophy, from 1667. A salamander surrounded by flames can be seen on the palm. At the time, salamanders were thought to have mystical properties. Alchemy was the pseudo-scientific predecessor of chemistry. Among other pursuits, alchemists searched for formulas that would turn base metals into gold.