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good GENES

"Model Wookie Mayer turns sixty this fall. Aside from her obvious good genes and bone structure, I think a lot of her beauty comes from her natural style – unfussy hair, toned body, minimal makeup. I’m taking note of the less is more approach…let skin show through a lightly bronzed face, add color to lips, keep eyes bright and natural. A few wrinkles actually look appropriate and add to her appeal."

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Mary Anderson - my portrayal of the protagonist of my short film. A middle-aged, upper class woman who lives a privileged life until she meets an old "friend". The stronger of the two in the relationship due to her highly respected position in her occupation.

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53 Reasons Why Meryl Streep Is The Best

Love how she let herself be photographed up close, un-photoshopped, strong lighting, revealing all her precious lines of experience for all to see.

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She’s so sexy…and I can’t believe I’m saying that about a 60 something.

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Salt and pepper gray hair. Grey hair. Silver hair. White hair. Granny hair. No dye. Dye free. Natural highlights. Aging and going gray gracefully.

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Jane Seymour Promotes '1 Mission, 1 Million'

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Great piece by director and writer Rachel Ward about growing old gracefully - and looking for role models in France.

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