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Michigan State Email

The Supremes at Motown Records' original recording studio-- now the Motown Museum. Does anyone else suddenly have "Stop In The Name of Love" stuck in their head?

from afterkick

Mascots galore

I'm a 2010 graduate of Michigan State. I bleed green. I'm also slightly obsessed with Sparty. I'd marry him and have his beautiful foam offspring.


Michigan State recruiting update

#FaureciaNAIAS2014 As a proud Michigan State University alum, I would choose the exterior color of my dream car Spartan Green (Many recruits attend MSU by ways of Detroit) with white highlights. White because of the Tigers home jerseys! The color scheme would make the car look fast (just like a 100 m.p.h. Justin Verlander fastball!!!)...even when in park.


Republicans sue State Department for Clinton emails

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters about the primary voting results in Michigan and other states at her campaign rally in Cleveland


MSU stuns Michigan on last-second flubbed punt

Still one of the greatest things to ever happen!!!! Other than that one Hail Mary


Michigan governor: solve Flint water crisis instead of laying blame

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said on Friday he wants officials to focus on solving problems around lead-contaminated drinking water in the city of Flint instead of laying blame as he said some have been doing. "There are a number of folk out there that are spending their time mainly on the political side and the blame side," he said at a meeting in Flint of local and state officials responding to the crisis. Snyder's comments came a day after liberal group Progress Michigan released emails…

from the Guardian

Michigan governor will release his emails related to Flint's water crisis

Michigan governor will release his emails related to Flint's water crisis