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Late artist Michael Sorrentino's rendering of the front window of the Quarterdeck, my favorite store in Scituate. Visit it every time we go to Mass. Store is now closing!!


“ You were right. Music is all I understand: watch the new trailer—and check out the new US poster above—for Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth - La giovinezza, led by Michael Caine, and co-starring Paul Dano,...

from E! Online

Mike Sorrentino and Brother Plead Not Guilty in $8.9 Million Tax Case

Michael Sorrentino, aka Mike "The Situation," Indicted in $8.9 Million Tax Case, Pleads Not Guilty Mike Sorrentino, the Situation, Marc Sorrentino

noise el ruido 1️⃣ Imagine a «rude» and noisy guy called «Guido». ℹ️ The guy pictured is Michael Sorrentino, also known by his nickname The Situation from MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Apparently he’s a self-proclaimed «Guido», a slang term for working-class urban Italian Americans. “Much ado about nothing.” (“Lots of noise & few nuts.”) - “Mucho ruido y pocas nueces.” - #Spanish #WOTD #wordoftheday #noise #ruido #rude #Guido #vocabulary #vocab #español #hint #mem #mnemonic