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This film was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US cities. The original Michael Eisner intro hit me right in the nostalgia...

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Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner says funny women aren't beautiful

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner says funny women aren't beautiful  #dailymail

D-Day "It doesn't matter whether it comes in by cable, telephone lines, computer, or satellite. Everyone's going to have to deal with Disney." Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Eisner

Balanced emotions are crucial to intuitive decision making. Michael D. Eisner. Psychic Phone Reading 18779877792 #psychic #love #follow #nature #beautiful #meetyourpsychic

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Former Disney Chief Says 'Beautiful Women Aren't Funny', Internet Explodes

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner Tells Goldie Hawn 'Beautiful Women... Aren't Funny' (And The Internet Explodes)

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"Unbelievably beautiful women are not funny" Twelve women who prove Disney's Michael Eisner so very wrong

Former Disney chief Michael Eisner says funny, beautiful women are 'impossible to find' in Hollywood. We disagree.

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Celebrity sketches: Doodles by Hollywood legends that have hung on restaurant walls for decades

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Kourtney Kardashian wears plunging pantsuit showing cleavage at NYFW

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Shrimp Shau Mai