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Carlos Santana There's only one truth on this planet: that we are all one. What I'd like to do before I die is bring people closer to the same reality that John Coltrane and Bob Marley were trying to bring people to-a reality of no borders, one race, one body-where we all take responsibility that nobody starves to death tomorrow morning. To do that with music is more important than becoming Jimi Hendrix or Beethoven. When you connect with people through music, you affect the whole wheel of…

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Pierce the Veil || Misadventures I bought this CD 5 days after it came out. I feel on top of the world. I feel invincible. You guys have got to listen to this CD.

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Freddie Mercury - in honor of Mexican Independence Day - Sept 16th - hoping that posting this doesn't constitute a hate crime. Since the original pinning I've been assured that donning a comically large sombrero in an overly campy way is OK with the locals.

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Magazine - For Keeps...

Obviously there is a great creative energy in Mexico City at the moment, and one of the artists that we really like in both the illustrative and Public Art realm is Smithe. The artist just posted a few new illustrations on his blog, and this one we especially enjoy. The best part? I will be available as a print soon.

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Little Mix reveal Perrie Edwards is ready to get drunk and party on tour | Daily Mail Online

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Ashs so lile seriouse then luke and mikey are being funny and Cal just looks like a confused mexican

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The secrets of my success: Carlos Santana

Three words: Samba Pa Ti Love Carlos Santana, b. 1947 Mexico. amazingly fabulous guitarist. Even my aunt slice saw him in her 80s

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