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Rick Bayless (the God of good Mexican Food) recipe for genuine old-fashioned refried beans or FRITOS REFRITOS! Made even better with bacon or chorizo drippings! Yeah!!


Mexican Horchata ~ Delicious Rice & Cinnamon Drink

A delicious and easy recipe to make horchata at home! It's a rice and cinnamon drink that's just about the best-tasting creamy drink ever!

Shredded Beef Wet Burritos Hacienda-Style

There is a fantastic Mexican restaurant nearby where I used to live in Indiana called the "Hacienda", and they are FAMOUS for their "wet burritos". (Which basically means they are SMOTHERED in cheese!!!! LOL!!) They are WONDERFUL!! Here is my very own homemade version of them! (These are big, but that's the way they serve them at the restaurant.) Don't let the lengthy directions fool you!! They are EASY to make!! Hope you try them! :) *You can also make these with ground beef, shredded…

Olvera Street Los Angeles Day Trip Things to See and Do

Olvera Street is the perfect spot for a Los Angeles area day trip. Music, shopping, activities & great Mexican food. Nearby things to see and do


Blackberry Atole / Atole de Zarzamora

Mexican Food:Blackberry Atole, or in Spanish, Atole de Zarzamoras. This version of Atole is popular in the central states of Mexico, especially in the state of Michoacán where the production of blackberries is the largest in the country. I didn’t know about blackberry atole until I went to live in Toluca in the State of Mexico, which happens to be next to Michoacán. The people from the nearby farms used to sell the blackberries at the local market, and the small eateries at the market…