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Methylene Blue is a drug under development for Alzheimer's with nootropic properties. Methylene Blue is a potent antioxidant and mitochondrial enhancer.

Nikon Small World - Detail - 8th Place, 2008 - John Hart. What is it?:Crystallized mixture of resorcinal, methylene blue, and sulphur (13X)


nootropic methylene blue

Resorcinal and methylene blue crystal | 2015 Photomicrography Competition | Nikon’s Small World

I totally did something like this in lab the other day. I feel smart.


Methylene Blue: An Unexpected Cognitive Enhancer – Smart Drug SmartsSmart Drug…

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Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue: anti-fungal, anti-parasitic for fish

L-Lysine 1/4tsp lysine in one half glass of water add 1/4 tsp l threonine [ebay] 1/2 tsp tsp of sodium ascorbate it is vit c reacted with baking soda to improve absorbability. ... Then add plain aspirin 350mg then 1 dropper of .01% methyline blue from fish tank suppliers take 4 hourly doses to kill most infections and is anti viral this is just 1 of the many variations of the lysine remedies on teds foundations of getting well on earth clinic this is effective for 55 minutes in body

Staining cheek cells with methylene blue. #chemistry #biology #experiment #maths4biosciences #microscopy


Methylene blue is a nootropic agent which may enhance focus, memory and energy, as well as delay aging. Learn methylene blue's mechanism of action & my experience with it