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Meth Use

from Mail Online

Border officials find 3kg of chemical used to make meth

A passenger travelling from Vietnam to Sydney has been found with 3kg worth of meth pre-cursor chemcial, pseudoephedrine, hidden in their luggage.

from Counseling Recovery, Michelle Farris, LMFT

The Most Important Skill To Avoid Relapse!

An important part of sobriety is learning how to handle emotions that set us up for relapse. A trigger is an intense reaction that are rooted in our history. Learning what they are about will help you heal past hurts that are avoided while using.

from Medium

Effects of Methamphetamine On Mental Health

Psychosis and schizophrenia are common problems among meth users. Since symptoms of meth-induced psychosis are similar to symptoms of schizophrenia, the risk of a misdiagnosis is high. This, in turn, can hinder and delay the treatment. Psychosis triggered by the use of meth needs intensive and lengthy treatment and may also instigate criminal behavior in users.

from Houston Chronicle

Mugshots: Alleged meth use has changed Oregon man's face over 14 years

An Oregon man's criminal history has been documented in a series of mugshots…

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