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Identifying Rocks

Rock Cycle [More important than you think! When picking rocks for hardscapes you want to use Metamorphic rock in most cases, especially with water (so it doesn't leach anything into the water) but it is also important to know what type of rockscape your c

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The Rock Cycle Interactive Notebook

Rocks & Rock Cycle Unit for Interactive Earth Science Notebook. Includes many foldable activities, including a metamorphic sedimentary and igneous rock activity. Geology worksheets and printable projects that are ready to cut and paste into an interactive notebook.


Lewisian Gneiss Rock, Isle of Lewis -the Geology of the Outer Hebrides is important - as the predominant rock type is a Lewisian Gneiss - a metamorphic rock which is astonishingly up to 3 billion years old, making it the oldest rock in Britain - two thirds the age of the Earth.


Gneiss - Gneiss is a metamorphic rock form characterized by discontinuous, altering light and dark layers, banding caused by segregation of different types of rock, typically light and dark silicates.

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Metamorphic Edible Rocks & Notebooking Pages

Metamorphic Rock - Yum! Earth science and edible. Melt a rock edible recipe and Free Notebooking Pages #rocks #ediblecrafts #ihsnet

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Metamorphic Rock Lesson- Earth Science

This product includes Cornell notes, an activity and a PowerPoint on metamorphic…

Starburst Rock Cycle- Help students remember the three types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.

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Rocks and Minerals

All About Rocks and Minerals Table of Contents 1. Vocabulary Cards- rocks, minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks 2. Mini Book ( 10 pgs.) 3. Foldable (2 pgs.) 4 Lab Experiments * Rock Hunt * Igneous Rock Model * Sedimentary Rock Model 5.