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Metallic bonding examples

1950 Bond Minicar Mark "A" This example, painted in its original metallic green, came from Holland via Germany


The Canterbury Pendant, early 7th century © Canterbury Museum Service AOlympic gold medal, 1908n exquisite example of Anglo-Saxon craftsmanship


15th Century ring discovered by treasure hunter at monastery

This jewel-encrusted ring discovered by an amateur treasure hunter at a monastery once owned by Henry VIII's advisor Thomas Cromwell is expected to sell for £30,000 when it is auctioned this afternoon


Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.Made of 22 gauge black steel wire. The sculpture is created using 22 gauge wire for a finer texture. The sculpture is mounted onto the base using a bonding agent. The base is a thick, mined, polished granite stone with small circular felt pads glued beneath.