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Metal Building Homes Cost

from Co.Exist

This House Costs Just $20,000—But It’s Nicer Than Yours

Adele Peters 02.03.16 6:00 AM For over a decade, architecture students at Rural Studio, Auburn University's design-build program in a tiny town in West Alabama, have worked on a nearly impossible problem. How do you design a home that someone living below the poverty line can afford, but that anyone would want—while also providing a living wage for the local construction team that builds it?


Perka Wood Steel Hybrid Buildings can come in virtually any shape or size, with any outside (envelope) finish and be built just about anywhere!! They are Strong to last, Flexible to adapt, and Easy to install, insulate, finish and even pay for! Check these out at or call 800-467-3752!

This is a Texas Barndominium, yes really! Built by W.D Metal Buildings of Pleasanton, Tx. Worth checking out. Love the interior and exterior architectural elements of this structure and it very practical application to a lower cost home design.