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39 Slumber Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Sleepover Ever

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The Flour Game

This flour game would be perfect for large parties, youth group events or family reunions because you can play with a wide range of ages.

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Family Fun: Messy Games!

If you’ve been looking for a wild family activity, then family messy games might be something you want to consider! A couple years ago my family started having a messy party as a way to have some extra fun for all the cousins. I have 5 siblings and now that most of us have begun …

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Fun-O-lympics! 6 Olympics Party Ideas

Divide players into teams of two. Start a one-minute timer. Pairs must get a shower cap onto one teammate's head and cover the cap with shaving cream. Then the capless teammate, standing behind a tape or rope line a few feet away, tries to throw cheese puffs into the shaving cream. The team gets a point for every puff still on the cap when the minute is up.