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Fun and Cheap Party Games- Easter Olympics

Cheesy Toss party game - This is game is fun but a little messy, best done outside. One member of each team wears a shower cap covered in shaving cream. The other teammate gets to throw cheesies at their head. The more cheesies to stick to their cap the better. Each cheesy stuck is worth one point, all teams gets a cup with the same amount of cheesies in it. Supplies- Shower caps, shaving cream, large bag of cheeses.

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39 Slumber Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Sleepover Ever

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Are your kids bored already this summer? The Maids shakes it up by showing how to throw a messy party with the best messy party games.

Family Fun: Messy Games!

If you’ve been looking for a wild family activity, then family messy games might be something you want to consider! A couple years ago my family started having a messy party as a way to have some extra fun for all the cousins. I have 5 siblings and now that most of us have begun …

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Teens party has to be fun and what else can be more fun than the silly party games teens.Silly games for teenagers can bring fun and hilarity to the party.

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Powdered Donuts-on-a-string - game where you keep your hands behind the back while trying to eat the donut hanging up - hard for little ones, but they loved it!

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