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What Girls Want on

This is so true<<< Same with sports. "It's a guy thing" they say. "You can't do it. Your a girl." That's BS! --- This is kinda true... But once you know somebody who seemed like one of these to you, it's gone.


They are trying to keep uour focus away from what's really important. Your soul, your eternity. Satan came to kill steal and destroy jesus came to give life. John 10:10


Remember That Time A Rapist Got Convicted And The Internet Threatened To Kill The Victim For It?

Rape Culture 101 Jessica Valenti says the truth, once again. Anyone else think the difference is messed up?<<< I do despite the fact I only go to the birthday parties of my friends. Random parties are no fun. Where's the cake? (Lol I don't even like cake)

If you need some help learning how to pose babies for portraits, consult this list of three can’t-miss strategies for getting the best photos of newborns.