Mesopotamia: Trade this is a great one for the kids This teacher has a bunch of short interesting video that show the ancient world

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Reading and writing lessons perfect for a Mesopotamia unit. Lessons have students make inferences from Sumerian artifacts, compare the loaded language an Assyrian king and a U.S. president used in victory statements, and investigate whether the Hanging Gardens of Babylon existed using primary sources.

Ancient Mesopotamia is considered the cradle of civilization because the Mesopotamians developed many things that we take for granted in our modern lives, such as agriculture, language, cities, religion, and government. Select one of the cultural themes below to learn more about different aspects of life in ancient Mesopotamia

If you are teaching about Mesopotamia and its impact on the world this collection will add depth and engagement to your unit. Just click on each link below to find out more about each individual lesson plan included in this collection:Mesopotamia Daily Life WebquestMesopotamia Webquest (Sumerian,-Babylonians, Assyrians)Persian Empire and Persian Wars WebquestMesopotamia Journal ActivityMiddle East Mapping Activity and Research Project: 2 Lesson Plans! ...

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