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Why do I love this show so much?! The picture will give you the main reason but really everyone did such a fabulous job in coming alive and the writing was so well done. I would just sit back in awe at the end of some of the episodes. The love between Arthur and Gwen was real love. There was no foul language. This shows how it should be done! More, more!


Oh, my goodness, this makes me soooo happy. My boys weren't too lonely after all. The Last Centurion and the Last Dragonlord had all kinds of adventures together. And I'm sure Merlin showed up at the Pond house for dinner periodically for the rest of their lives.<------Head Cannon Accepted!!


So, some people think that Old!Merlin is Emrys, but that's just what Morgana calls him. ALL of Merlin is Emrys--not just his elderly alter ego. That's Dragoon. lol --description by DestinyandDoom


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