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DIY Mega Moisturizing Lip Balm Recipe- the "secret" ingredient in this makes SUCH a difference. I've tried homemade lip balms before, but never like this! Good pin!!


Menudong giniling is a dish that was derived from the dish called Menudo, ingredients are nearly similar but the preparation is different, in the normal Menudo meat and other ingredients are cubed into 1cm...

WHITE PORK MENUDO ~ INGREDIENTS ~ 1 kilo Pork Kasim or Pigue 1 can Vienna Sausage 1 tetra brick All Purpose Cream 2 medium size Potato 1 large Carrot 1 large Red Bell Pepper 2T Sweet Pickel Relish 2T Worcestershire Sauce 1/2t Maggie magic Sarap 5 cloves minced Garlic 1 large White Onion 2T Butter Salt and Pepper to taste~~