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Are you an Empath?

once you start to see things for what they really are, they will never, ever be the same again...

Women's Mental Health - - repinned by Private Practice from the Inside Out

Women's Mental Health - - repinned by Private Practice from the Inside Out

Hey Kelty, This is a great website where you can find out a lot of info about what depression is and how it is treated. There is also an organizer that you can look through with facts about depression. This website will also provide you with the symptoms associated with depression.

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How Strong is Your Self-Esteem?

This quiz is intended to provide you with information and insight on your areas of strength, as well as your areas of growth and continued development. This quiz is not intended as a clinical diagnosis or mental health evaluation. Only YOU will receive your answers.

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Free Anger Management

Anger Management Group Activities for Kids: Mental Health Groups for Children. Sometimes kids just need a little help understanding how to control those angry moments.

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Take The AQ Test

The AQ Test was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen from the Autism Research Centre. It is important to note that while this test can be used to give an indication of the likelihood of having Asperger’s Syndrome, it is not meant to replace a formal medical diagnosis. The AQ Test can be a screening tool which can be used which can be used to indicate the likelihood Aspergers, PDD Nos or other forms of Autism.. Autism awareness