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Gruffalo doubling problems: a fun interactive powerpoint on doubling that is ideal for a mental oral starter or as a plenary to round off a lesson


52 ten frame subitizing cards.I enlarged mine to A3 and use as flashcards during mat session and activity time.Great tool to help with subitizing and mental calculation skills in maths

from Childhood101

Math Games for Kids: Uno Flip

Could make some addition and subtraction signs which could also be turned over like the numbers to make a calculation LH

3 "Je pense, donc je suis", René Descartes. "I think, therefore I am."

from the Guardian

Japanese abacus teacher wins Mental Calculation World Cup

Naofumi Ogasawara, winner of the 2012 Mental Calculation World Cup - In his home country of Japan, he is an abacus teacher.