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The eighteenth century monied male was often a peacock, eager to display his taste and wealth, and fond of lavishly decorated or patterned fabrics, and bright striking colours. The usual outfit remained the three piece suit of coat, waistcoat and breeches until 1800, when trousers began to replace breeches. Fashionable suits were usually plain woollen facecloth for practical urban or rural wear; woven silks for more formal evening occasions; and highly trimmed and embroidered silk satins and…


sleeves feature a white boot cuff divided by a three-pointed flap of blue wool. This was known as the 'mariner's cuff' National Maritime Museum


Men's dress coat, 1801-1828. Swallow tail coat, made of navy wool, facecloth with plush dark blue velvet collar. This coat is double brested, and with tails. The coat is combined in this image with breeches of beige colour. Museum of London.

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Avant Garde Mens Assassin Creed Inspired Hoodie 35604

Avant Garde Mens Assassin Creed Inspired Hoodie - AVANT-GARDE UNBEATABLE STYLE DIABOLIC HOOD CAPE COAT Vol.2 by NewStylish.