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Puente del Inca (Spanish "The Inca's Bridge"), is a natural arch that forms a bridge over the Vacas River, a tributary of the Mendoza River. It is located in Mendoza Province, Argentina, near Las Cuevas. Puente del Inca is also the name of the nearby hot springs. Charles Darwin visited in 1835.

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Diademodon — Fossils of the Diademodon tetragonus have more recently been found in deposits of the Rio Seco de la Quebrada Formation in Mendoza Province, Argentina. — #dinovember #2016 #drawdinovember #dino #art #retro #gamedev #jurassic #game #videogame #sprite #gamedev — Daily Pixel Dinosaur


Tamari: Reserva Malbec | Terlato Wines International. In Huarpe language, used by native peoples of the Mendoza province, Tamarí means to live passionately.


Puente del Inca (The Inca's Bridge) is a natural arch over the Vacas River in Mendoza Province, Argentina. It is speculated that interaction of extreme elements like ice and hot springs were involved in its origin. In ancient times ice covered the river and acted as support for avalanches of snow, dust and rocks, which served as a path for the sulfurous water that petrified the surface, so when the snow melted, the bridge remained by itself. There are also ruins of an abandoned train…