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Men who say makeup is "false advertisement" *need* to be aggressively reminded that women aren't products.

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Shoulder pads had made a comeback in the 1980s. This was known for power dressing. This means that women back in the day showing their equality to men ,seeking success and power. Also, I notice that she was wearing Madonna's hairstyle. And jewelry was an important part in fashion to complete the look

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Shocking pictures show Iran's homeless living in empty GRAVES

Homeless living in graves -The pictures were taken in a cemetery close to Tehran, where around 50 men, women and children are reported to have been seeking shelter from freezing cold temperatures.

This 60-Year-Old Swimsuit Model Proves Age is Just a Number

Model Yazemeenah Rossi, stars in swimsuit campaign in contrast to 'hyper-sexualized imagery' of other shoots. White-haired model features in The Dreslyn and Land of Women collaboration

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Vita Sackville West. Author, Poet and Gardener. ( Cecil Beaton photo) Creator of Sissinghurst

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Feminism is about liberation. I want this tattooed to my forehead or broadcasted in the sky. people don't understand that gender and racial inequality are actual problems we need to address years ago and at a minimum RIGHT NOW.

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The BigFoot Riders will be arriving 12/28/16 to the Wounded Knee Massacre site where over 350 men, women, children and elderly were murdered by the 7th Calvary the US Army. Chief BigFoot and his band were being chased to the Pine Ridge Reservation where they were seeking shelter and food as they were traveling through the snow. These are strong riders most young people traveling in cold frigid weather to honor our ancestors. #NeverForgetWoundedKnee

And Then Mine Enemy: A Romantic Saga of the English Civil War (Feathers in the Wind) by Alison Stuart. A family ripped apart in a country divided by war . . . England 1642: Hardened mercenary, Adam Coulter returns to England sickened by violence, seeking only peace, but he finds England on the brink of civil war. He has seen first hand what that will mean for every man, woman and child and wants no part of it. King or Parliament? Neutrality is not an option and Adam can only be true to…

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