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Zosers Pyramid archeological remains, Saqqara necropolis, near Memphis, Egypt

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Memphis - Egypt - 500 BC - Troop of funerary servant figures Shabtis in the name of Neferibreheb / Louvre-Lens

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akg images Sakkara, Tomb of Kagmeni, Ducks in a bag SAKKARA, TOMB OF KAGMENI, DUCKS IN A BAGSakkara – Saqqara (Middle Egypt), Tomb of Kagemni (Mastaba of vizier Kagemni; Old Kingdom, 6th Dynasty, 24th century BC). Transporting ducks in a bag carried under...

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A colossal statue of Ramses II, in the Open-Air Museum at Memphis, Egypt. This statue is so huge that they left it on the ground and built the museum around it. We felt very small on the balcony surrounding it.

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The Egypt (Sphinx) Gallery at the Penn Museum houses one of the finest collections of Egyptian architecture on display in the United States. A monumental granite sphinx dominates the gallery. Surrounding it are the gateway, columns, doorways and windows from the best preserved royal palace ever excavated in Egypt. The palace was built for the New Kingdom pharaoh Merenptah (r. 1213-1204 BCE) at the city of Memphis in Lower Egypt.

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Hieroglyphs on Rameses Colossus in Memphis, Egypt. Was the ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch, the first nome of Lower Egypt. Its ruins are located near the town of Mit Rahina, south of Cairo. (by David Lewis)

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aka-images Sakkara, Tomb of Kagemni, Cattle drive SAKKARA, TOMB OF KAGEMNI, CATTLE DRIVESakkara – Saqqara (Middle Egypt), Tomb of Kagemni – Mastaba 25 (Mastaba of vezier Kagemni; Old Kingdom, early 6th Dynasty, after 2347 BC). Cattle drive through...

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