Just a few memes we're loving about life, attitude and not taking anything too too seriously. ;)

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Donald Trump will soon be moving in to the White House with his chosen Vice-President elect Mike Pence. It’s a sad state of affairs, but people are trying to make light of the situation by celebrating the bromance between Barack Obama and his current Vice President Joe Biden. Here are the memes about the final White House conversations between Obama and Biden.

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Stop comparing yourself to others; it only puts you in a negative mindset. http://www.changetochill.com/chillerchallenge/

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“Love is not rational, you fall in love, you lose control.” A wise and enlightening quote about falling in love that anyone who has been in love will appreciate. Bobby played by Jesse Eisenberg is warned about the true nature and unpredictability of love. Catch Café Society in cinemas, September 2

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Look at her eyes! It has Nemo's reflection.. Disney never forgets anything! ^^

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You haven't been through what we seen, so don't even think about saying anything again. ❤️

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