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Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, PhD, author, professor, television host and political commentator with a focus on African-American politics. She hosts the "Melissa Harris-Perry" TV show on MSNBC. She currently teaches politics at Tulane University (in New Orleans) and has taught at Princeton University and the University of Chicago.

Stop clinging to the outmoded notion that your children "belong to you" rather than to the Collective. from Melissa Harris Perry, College professor and MSNBC Host

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Misty Copeland

Ballet is a common language that everyone shares...simply beautiful, but this is not Misty.

My work for will focus on issues of race and gender primarily through the stories of women and girls

WATCH THIS. ...all of it (96 minutes). Black Female Voices: Public Dialogue between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry


EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Harris-Perry Interviews Anita Hill, 25 Years Later

Melissa Harris Perry interviews Anita Hill 25 years after the controversial…

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Melissa Harris-Perry on sexism, parenting and work: “We reproduce this fantasy of perfected motherhood”

Sorry, MHP -- one Politico reporter has decided you're not as prominent as the following five old white men!


Melissa Harris-Perry’s Open Letter To Republican Richard Mourdock (regarding his statement of) "Rape Survivors ‘Are The Gift To Ourselves’"

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How & Why to Be An Ally: "The rights you take for granted are not valid unless you fight for the same rights for others...I got privilege. I've got to do something with it."