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The tattoo I got for my Mother... She fought hard but lost her battle with Melanoma (Brain) Cancer in Dec. 2012

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My newest tattoo-In the heart is a melanoma survivor ribbon - my tattoo artist created this for me for my 5th year being melanoma-free. Here's to many more years...thank you Melissa Keller, you are a phenomenal artist and wonderful person!

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Custom tattoo designer "Chris The-TattooArtist Ferris" ribbon designs. I THOUGHT I knew what I wanted, but after seeing this, I might have to rethink the design.

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“My new tattoo. My mother had Melanoma and is now a survivor. To me, this tattoo represents fighting, and to live everyday to the fullest cause you never…”

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tattoos butterfly melonoma cancer ribbon | here is my pain test tattoo black ribbon for melanoma and purple

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